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I like Michael and I'm not ashamed to say it. Loving the development so far! Excited for the full release!

You said it would be finished by 2023.... PLEASE UPDATE IM BEGGING


I'm pretty sure the date change to somewhere in 2024


This was so cute!


Hi! I'm a student translator and I'd love to work with your game. Would you agree to me translating it into Russian?


"You can't dance with all the people you like." Why not!? I has two hands for two people! What point of two hands if not to hold two people!?


Is this game still in development, complete, or on hiatus?


The game is still in development! Progress is slow going since I'm prioritizing other things but occasionally I post updates on twitter


Thanks so much!! Good luck with everything <3




jlbendiaa few seconds ago


I am Jose Luis Benítez Díaz, a student in Translation and Interpreting at the Pablo de Olavide University, Seville (Spain). I am looking for a cool game to translate into Spanish for my thesis and I have come across your game. I wondered if you would find it interesting to translate the demo into Spanish. The whole localization process would be under the supervision of my tutor, a localization specialist.

Thank you so much in advance


Hooked by the demo and looking forward to playing the full game, whenever it happens to come out! :D


check when the last updates were, amigo. not likely. sadface

what. no no no no i need glasses this cant be happening i'm not even waiting for that many games please i was actually excited no no no no no no


dw the dev said theres updates coming, its just going slowly

god bless


This game is AMAZING. I know this is only the demo but I am already hooked. This game has already shown great quality with the starting content given. The art style is beautiful, the story is well set despite being the beginning, the backgrounds are gorgeous and the music is as well. I could find myself playing this for hours when the full game releases. I can't wait for that too

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Michael route when??


This was so cute! Nim's definitely my favorite, but I love all the characters so much. Can't wait for the full game!


should there be a TW in the beginning, because near the beginning it feels like attempted SA, or at least lacking any indication of consent/ triggering for that. sorry if I'm just being too sensitive. 


marry all ending when...


Alright, pretty good time so far. Just finished the demo and it is insane that the experience was so short given the quality. The humour and vibes were definitely S tier. I liked the character art and it was just in general a good time. I feel like I would  have enjoyed seeing Klafka with more fun expressions though, otherwise I cannot wait to see what the overall product will look like upon completion. Really glad to know the project is still being worked on by such a passionate indie dev. You can really feel the passion that the creator feels in every moment of the short excursions that you take here. Though there was an annoying thing with certain songs having trouble looping, but it's minor stuff. I hope the creator enjoys making it as I did playing the demo. Seriously, the only crime here is how much more I am yearning for. That just speaks to the quality.  


I love the game so far!


This game is absolutely adorable!! i  loved the art style and story, can't help but replay it

in stuck in this part when they ask where the apothecary go :( , but i really liked the game and love the characters!

I'm stuck at this part 

me too😔

me too


I cant help but replay this, it is adorable

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I've recently got this game and honestly i had a blast playing. I really love the art style and also the plot is truly wholesome. I really loved the demo and i'm dying to know when the full release will be

Edit: just saw that the initial estimation of the release date was in 2022...we are already in 2023 and this just makes me more excited


Didn't know it has extended. I remember playing the demo 2 years ago


Hello, as a young french translator, i'm looking for indie games to localize.
I would be really happy to translate A cottage Story in French. Would you be interested ?

plz do android

Is there going to be an Android version 🥺?


i love this game, cant wait for the full game and i love the story, characters and artwork!  when i saw rufus i loved him immediately lol. i love the other characters too! nim and klafka are also my favorites.  i also like the gossip fairy mom but great game!


i really hope you get to work on this more, im in love with the characters and the story so much. one of the best visual novels ive ever played. thank you!

I love the game!


Loved the game and the aesthetic, thank you!

Deleted 300 days ago

Hey thanks for letting me know! Do you have a screenshot of where it happened? 

Hi there! I also tried romancing Nim and an error occurred. Once I choose Nim for who I'm interested in when talking to the fairy it popped up. I don't know how to attach a file so I'm going to paste in the traceback.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/CH5_consultation.rpy", line 669, in script

    $ love_interest += 1

  File "game/CH5_consultation.rpy", line 669, in <module>

    $ love_interest += 1

TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, int found

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/CH5_consultation.rpy", line 669, in script

    $ love_interest += 1

  File "C:\Users\enaka\Downloads\LSC-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 914, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "C:\Users\enaka\Downloads\LSC-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 2028, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec bytecode in globals, locals

  File "game/CH5_consultation.rpy", line 669, in <module>

    $ love_interest += 1

TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, int found



A Cottage Story 1.0

Tue Oct 11 23:39:28 2022

Hope this helps!

Deleted 1 year ago

It is a very beautiful game with very interesting characters. I particularly like, that the characters have some strong but also weaknesses, which makes them more relatable. Also the atmosphere of the game is very nice, I have a feeling, that it might be inspired by slavic mythology, but maybe I'm wrong, it's just a feeling. I really enjoyed the game!

I really want to play the finished game!!!! The demo is sooo good!!!

I can't seem to download the dmeo of this. I'm on Windows. If I just click the install button, there are no builds in the install dropdown that pops up. Same if I try to go through the name your price route. Can some one please help me?

Hi! Can I ask if you're using the app or web browser?

I'm using the app.


I tried via the website and was able to download it. Can't wait to try it - I really like the look of your characters! Thanks for the tip.


So beautiful! I hope the full version will be released soon! This is a dream game <3 Amazing work and love the art/soundtrack/writing/everything!!

This game is very charming, from the art style, the pace, music, and the characters. I love the two acts so far! Hoping this game could get the final version!


WARNING: This project hasn't seen an update since 2021. It's fun, but unsatisfying to see it unfinished with only two acts in especially if you pay for it. It's such a lovely concept too


I'm pretty sure this project is dead😭 But thats ok! I loved the story we got, thank you for making such likeable characters lol. I especially liked nim.


This is a very well made game! I'm only a little ways in but I'm really enjoying it so far c:


I can't believe a single person did all of this, the game is just flawless, from the script to the art work and all the little details in between like when the characters start talking in other language and it shows yellow subtitles. It's all so nice and charming, I just loved it.

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