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Play the day-to-day life of the apothecary who lives in Rossenward forest completely removed from modern society. Rossenward forest is home to a number of mystical creatures including fairies, goblins, giants and satyrs, many of whom you consider neighbors and clients. The day is like any other as you tend to the cottage left behind by your godmother, until you're visited by a curious stranger with an urgent request...

Demo Features

  • Customization options (name, appearance, pronoun)
  • 3 love interests (G/B/NB)
  • 10,000+ words
  • Slice-of-life/fantasy/romance

Full Game Features

  • 7 endings, platonic/romantic routes (one (1) hidden ending??)
  • Choices that actually matter 
  • Free
  • Tentative release date: November 2020 (???)


Klafka (she/her): A fearless goblin who happens to have strong moral convictions.

Rufus (he/him): A friendly satyr with an insatiable curiosity.

Nimruil (they/them): A beautiful elf whose personality is anything but.


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A Cottage Story is a one woman show made by yours truly, Amy. If you'd like to stay updated and support the game consider joining my Patreon for behind-the-scenes content!

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Development log


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Hello, I just played the demo, and as someone who loves the cottage core aesthetic you did a great job in creating the game. From the development especially the art. I look forward to it's completion!


I am very excited for the full game, so till then I'll just support the game as much as I can. The artstyle's .... simplicity? compliments the scenery and the atmosphere with such warm and comfy looking colours. The character designs are very interesting. My only problem so far was the looping for the music, which can be very off putting for the ears. 


Just started playing, and I could tell that I was going to LOVE IT just from the title screen.


I really want to play this game! But I'm completely new to this website and gaming outside of the apple app-store in general, I have the files downloaded but have no clue what to do now ;~;

I only have a Acer Chromebook this just seemed so interesting! I hope I can still play it!


Hello! Most games need to be unzipped in order to be played on itch.io

On the chromebook, you can do that by opening the A Cottage Story zip folder, and copy and pasting the contents into a new folder. Here's a more detailed guide. After it's in the new folder you should be able to play it by clicking the application! Let me know if it works :^)


so  what's new in this version? 


Larger text, 1 new choice option, and Rufus's sprite adjusted. If you played the previous version you don't need to play this one! A larger update will be coming out fairly soon, I just wanted to increase text size haha


Just finished the demo, and I loved it! The art is stunning. The colors go together really well and are pleasing to look at, the lighting is lovely, and the whole style is just amazing. It's all very cosy and beautiful. The descriptions are really fun to read - I generally like more interactive games, but the game is genuinely fun to read so I didn't mind. The characters also feel fleshed out. They are a little similar - all quite present and loud and confident while still having a softer and caring side - but other than that they're quite different and it's fun to see the MC interacting with them. The dialogue and banter are funny and engaging. Their designs are great, very unique and and cool. On a related but not necessarily useful note: I want to touch Rufus' ears.

Can't wait untill the full game is out!

Thank you for the in-depth comment! I'm glad that the writing wasn't boring , I was a little worried the demo seemed too much like a kinetic novel but the full game will have MUCH more choices. I appreciate the critique and will keep it in mind!  (And to add onto that note you're not the first to have mentioned that haha)


This is such a beautiful game! Not only is the art amazingly vibrant, but the characters are also lovable and interesting. I especially loved the moment when Rufus found the dude's hat and had holes punched into it for his horns, that got a smile out of me :) Planning to try all of the different choices while I wait for the full version... 👉👈

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! There's not too many options in the demo but that might change in the upcoming update ;)


The game demo was beautiful and so well written and designed! I can't wait for the full release. :) Great job!


Hey, how do i dowload this? my copmuter wont let me dowload, and it pops up with a message saying that it may be malware. Im playing on mac

Hello! I can help you. Does the app also say the developer cannot be verified like this? Or does it only say it may be malware? 


oo looking forward to the full release

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oh my goodness how cute!!


I've only played a little of the game so far, but the atmosphere of it is truly beautiful! Everything fits together so well. The music, art and writing all flow with a great style.


The text kinda small, I wish it could be bigger...


Noted! I'll be sure to put in text size options in the next update. 


My thoughts are basically incoherent right now having just finished the demo because you somehow took this game straight from my unspoken desires. I love everything about this. The characters are interesting and compelling, the story is sweet and cozy, both the sprites and backgrounds are breathtaking, and the UI is some of my favorite in any game. 

I love my MC like he's my own child, and Nim, Klafka, and Rufus have equal pieces of my heart. 

I know I have suggestions somewhere in the back of my mind, and I intended to write a cogent review, but right now I'm still basking. I just really, really enjoyed this. Can't wait to play the full game! Thank you for such an aesthetically pleasing experience. 

Wow thank you I'm so happy to hear that!! I really like don't know what to say this comment highkey made my day. I'm open to suggestions if you have any and I'm glad you liked the game :^D


Ceri here!

Was scrolling through the Lemmasoft Forums Works-In-Progress page out of boredom and discovered your project a few days before the demo’s release. As I’ve been into epic narrative type stories for the past few years, I felt that it was time to return to my roots of gentle slice of life tales with a fantastical touch and I found that in A Cottage Story!  

First Impressions 


Both the main menu screen and  UI evoke a quaint homely feel with the story being quite in-depth yet a delight to read! The subtitles popping up during Nimruil and Rufus’ first meeting made me snort with laughter. Looks like the two of them have hit it off quite well! The way you created the character designs plus background art is down-to-earth yet natural in its own way. I now even have the meadow scene as my desktop background. My compliments to your skill in illustration and aesthetic! 


Of the friendship/love interests when I first saw them on the main post, I really like Nimruil’s character design as their outfit reminds me of Rayla from The Dragon Prince in color motif along with certain aspects of their personality. Getting into the game itself, Klafka’s attitude is somehow hilarious yet she means well in being there for the protagonist through thick and thin since childhood. Rufus is a sweet boy who’s plenty bookish with eclectic taste and insightful on a lot of topics. Nimruli’s something of a ham, is the sassiest of the trio and seems to be integral to more of Emory’s development and growing curiosity of the outside world. 




  • Make the other menu screens in the same style as the main menu itself (like flipping to different pages in the book) 
  • Add an ‘Extras’ option on the main menu which contains a CG gallery for the routes and character design and story concept notes 
  • Give the action/choice options a fancy border similar to the text box 


Well, that’s it for my review on the A Cottage Story demo. Looking forward to what the full game will bring (especially Nim’s antics as Emory’s roommate and how they would interact with Klafka)!! 

Hey thanks for the in-depth review, glad you found me! I'm so flattered  that you like the art direction (I literally gasped when you said you set the meadow background as your desktop..) and your perspective on the characters is super insightful.

Also you're like reading my mind with the page flipping UI, I appreciate your suggestions! It's nice knowing people would be interested in an extras concept page. I definitely plan on having a more complete UI when the full game comes out although if I'm unable to meet my deadline I'll probably update it in a later version.

I promise there's gonna be a lot more silly antics in the full game so until then. ;^)


This game is such a joy to look at. The sprites, background, and even UI are all so pretty! That combined with the story makes a really cozy package. I like the lore that you set up, and I really want to know more about Emory and Rossenward.

All the characters were endearing as well. I thought I'd end up liking Klafka the least, but after reading, I think I'd do her route first!

And come on, Rufus... I know you want to read Siren's Temptation.


Aw thank you Missy, that's really nice coming from you! :^)

I'm also glad you like Klafka! I was afraid people were gonna look over her because of her design.  Rufus clearly had to cover up his secret love for cheesy romance in front of Emory haha


This is great so far! I sort of gave a review on one of your instagram posts,  so I hope you see that. One thing I did notice was the transition for the "12 hours later" with Nim seemed too fast? I don't know if that was the game or if I accidentally clicked, but it seemed odd. Keep up the great work! I'm super excited for the game to come out!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game! And thanks for pointing that out,  looks like I just forgot to make that transition unskippable whoops. It'll be fixed in ver. 1.3!


What a cute demo!! I'm so excited to learn more about this little world, and its cast of characters! I really like the warm color scheme and all the details- like the carvings in the text box frame or foliage the backgrounds! thank u for sharing this game with us!

Just fyi I got this error at the very end of the game right after 'thanks for playing...'

idk what kind of feedback ur looking for, but i also felt like there were a few sentences that might read easier w commas? but totally feel free to disregard this!! not a big thing

thanks again:))


Hey thanks so much for checking out the demo and I'm happy you enjoyed it! Version 1.2 should fix the problem and thank you for the feedback, that's definitely noted. This is my first published game so I appreciate any feedback/criticism to make the game run more smoothly. :^)