Devlog #3: Checking In

Hooo boy, okay, I’m finally in a good spot to think about A Cottage Story again. I apologize for the lack of a Devlog in October! I try to do a monthly devlog but it got away from me last month.

As mentioned in the last devlog I’ve been working together with Class101 to develop an online art class that launches on December 2nd. Production started in mid-October and at the time I was a full-time student. My schedule was a lot tighter than I would’ve liked it to be, but I’ve since dropped one of my classes and production will officially come to close in 3 weeks. Excited about that! The production period is short but definitely strenuous and it’ll be nice working on my personal projects again. If you’d like to learn more about my online class you can check it out HERE.

I was pretty stressed this past month but I’ve been doing much better lately and wanted to update you guys which I wished I’d done earlier. I have been working on extending A Cottage Story demo so that it ends where the player chooses a love interest(s) to pursue. A Cottage Story doesn’t have branching routes but rather one major overarching story with the dating mechanics more apparent in the extended demo. Depending on what choices you make different scenes will unfold and you can still unlock different CG’s etc.

Writing is currently at 25,000 words but my first priority is to finish coding the extended demo. I can’t give a deadline at the moment since I’m still focusing on school and work, but thank you if you’re a new follower and I plan on posting a few more extras on my dev blog and Twitter before then! 

Goodbye for now, and thanks again guys!

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Hey just waned to say I love the game so far, all the characters are really charming, love the art, and thanks for the update, and hope the creator is well. 


I’m excited for the extended demo! I was under the assumption it was going to have more traditional routes, so I’m interested to see what the dating mechanics are like. I want to go on foraging dates with best goblin girl Klafka.

School + work can be really overwhelming, so it’s good to hear you’re doing better! Please take your time and take care of yourself :)


Thanks for the well wishes Missy! We'll see how it goes, I just hope the dating mechanics are still fun to the players haha.   


The demo, and world, you've created is beautiful and I check pretty much everyday to see if its updated. If I have to check another 100 days i'm sure the wait will be worth it! Take your time; better you do that than pile more stress on yourself!

Wow that's crazy!! Thanks so much, your support means the world to me! I fully intend on getting this game out in a timely manner so I'll keep chugging haha


Hang in there!


Ceri here!

So from what I'm gathering from this devlog, the game will be split into 3 Acts with the extended demo combining the first 2. As such, Act 3 will release during 2021 to complete the project, correct?

If so, I'm excited to play the extended demo whenever it comes out and will patiently wait for the full release!

The extended demo will only have a small part of Act 2!  So the majority of the game will still come out in the full release. And thank you, I'm happy to hear that! :^)